Public Speaking

I was practically born with a power point remote in my hand! I have spoken to groups as large as Tupperware Brand Conventions and as small as the local library or financial institution for Money Smart Week (several years).

Here are just a few topics I have spoken about:

How to Take Your Blog to the Book
The average blogger has a LOT of content on their site! Learn how to leverage work you have ALREADY done and profit on it. It is easier than you think and you can reach an entirely new fan base! We cover; Price points, Should you make a series or a single?, Why the cover is crucial, How more reviews = more sales, SEO-Keywords!, Descriptions are Important!, Book promotion and How to build your email list…. And why wait for a publisher when you can do it yourself and make a higher profit?

How to Write Low Content Books; The Art of Low Content Publishing
Workbooks, Journals and Planners area all the rage right now – and they sell VERY well! Do you have a book out already? Create companion products in a fraction of the time it took to publish your masterpiece – or just jump in on the craze and build your library while laughing all the way to the bank.

How to Write a Romance Novel
Have you ever had a great idea for a story and not known what the next steps to take were? Let Dannelle walk you through the 8 big things to think of first: and the difference between a WRITER and a PUBLISHER.

Always. Over. Deliver.
The How and Why you want to give the client MORE than they are expecting. It’s the gift you give them that really benefits YOU!

How to Explode Your Social Media Following – Organically!
Would you like 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even YouTube without buying them? A little patience and this top tips will see growth in your numbers before you know it!

Why You Should Update Old SEO on Posts and How to Do It
Have you been blogging for a while? If you have a site where ѕоmе of the more рорulаr роѕtѕ аrе things уоu оr уоur tеаm wrоtе six оr mоrе months prior, уоu hаvе a bаtсh оf роѕtѕ that аrе gооd candidates fоr updating. This helps your content be seen as more “up to date” and relevant for searches.

My Secrets To Living A Thrifty Life
We saved $40,000 in less than a year with simple changes in spending, using coupons and getting creative! Now we have a fully paid off college fund for our 12-year-old daughter, great retirement savings and are able to give a lot back to the community. Let Dannelle inspire to start taking control of your financial life today!
This class is 1 hour long.


Children on the Cheap!
Kids may be priceless, but they are expensive to raise! Learn different ways to save on education, entertainment, clothes and more for your little ones.
This class is 1 hour long.

Black Friday Boot Camp!
Ever wanted to know how to find all the deals on Black Friday, make your shopping plan of attack and score tons of killer deals to cover birthdays and gift occasions for the rest of the year? Learn how to think out of the box on grocery store and drugstore deals too!
This class is 1 hour long.

Coupon Clipping 101
Ever wanted to learn the secrets on how to save 60-80% on your groceries every time you go the store? This class is for you! Learn WHERE to get coupons that you will use, HOW to organize them, and most importantly, the right way to USE them!

This class is 2 hours long
***Note: it combines THREE basic classes that most people teach! We cover getting and organizing your coupons – How to maximize their potential, even at the drugstores – and how to create/manage a stockpile. It is good for any level of couponer.

Meal Planning 101
Dannelle has published SEVERAL cookbooks and is a professional chef! Come learn how to save time and money by simple meal planning! We will talk about using your stockpile, how to get creative with leftovers and work the grocery store meat cycles to your advantage!
This class is 1 hour long and has a mini cookbook to take home.