My Other Websites

Operation $40K

Operation 40k

This is the site that started it all, where I share how we have a champagne life on a beer budget, starting with how we saved $40,000 – and we did it in less than a year!

Sarah Lyn Gay

Sarah Lyn Gay

When you have a kid start college at the age of 9? You need to have a website. There is where Miss Sarah shares her adventures, ideas for helping other young kids get excited about learning and so much more! Lots of freebies for parents on here.

Beauty Awesome

Beauty Awesome

Interested in natural products for your skin that often are GMO free? We have a ton of ideas and products for you to help eliminate all of those chemicals from your skin!

Traveling Cheesehead

Traveling Cheesehead

As a Wisconsin Based Family Friendly Travel Writer, we are creating a series of Travel Guides for People with Kids, one for each state!

Crazy Camping Girl

Crazy Camping Girl

Our Adventures With Our Pop-up and we share tips for camping, info on locations, food, and reviews of our favorite camping products!

World of Caves

World of Caves

Caving is so much fun! I have a site that talks all about them, their wildlife and offers FREE downloadable (non-official) homeschool guides for them!

My Aussie Service Dog

My Aussie Service Dog

What is there to NOT love about an Australian Shepherd? Add in the fact that she taught herself how to be a service dog? We have to share allllll the love about dogs and how they can help us mere humans.

Try To Garden

Try To Garden

Tips and Tricks For the Beginner Gardener on soil, flowers, produce, and more!

Gastric Bypass Gal

gastric bypass gal

Using Surgery to Start a Life of Healthy Choices while sharing tips on eating, exercise, and our favorite products that help in post-surgery life.

They Are Getting Old

They are getting old

Yes, it can be challenging when you are in the “Sandwich Generation” and are taking care of your aging parents. We have hints and tips for you!

Raising Chickens For Dummies

Looking at starting your own backyard flock? We have you covered

Bug Out With Dannelle

bug out with dannelle

Everything you might need to know about emergency prep and possibly living off grid!

A Monkey on a Cupcake

A monkey on a cupcake

Who doesn’t love these hand-held treats? We have an entire site dedicated to them with fun recipes and tips to make them perfectly every time!

A Million Dollars is Not Enough

Fixing Your Financial Future… because seriously, no one can live off the interest on a Million Dollars anymore.

Joyful Xmas

Joyful Xmas

Joyful Xmas – all about Christmas! Food, Family fun, and sharing the love of the season.

Girl Scout Daisy Mom

girl scout daisy mom

Our Troop’s Journey through the wonderful world of Girl Scouts… I am in desperate need of updating this site as they are now Juniors and Cadettes but it has a lot of great ideas for Daisy and Brownie leaders.

Professional Social Media Influencer Network


Our Bloggers Reach over 74,830,000 people in Social Media … what would that do for YOUR company?  We have a campaign for every size Budget.

My Jazzy Journals

I have created a plethora of journals – literally working on having one for every possible occasion! They make such great gift ideas – you can learn more about them and get the AMAZON links to them on this site.

My Perfect Planners

I love EVERYTHING about being organized! I have created tons of different kinds of planners – literally working on having one for every possible occasion! They make such great gift ideas – you can learn more about them and get the AMAZON links to them on this site.

Madison Scrapbooking Friends

Madison Scrapbooking Friends is just what our name says:
We are a group of friends who like to scrapbook together at weekend crops 5 -6 times a year.  New people are always welcome and our crops are held in Madison, Wisconsin!