Content Creation

Are you looking for well-written, keyword-rich articles that bring in a reach of multiple keyword traffic options to your site?

Hire me as your ghost writer or VA

Let’s face it – the days of a 500-word post ranking through Google are long gone. Don’t worry: I’ve got you covered as my custom articles are 1,500-2,000 words long!

I can write you an article that will rank for a lot more than just one keyword in the next 3 months – and keep growing from there.

I can back it up

I’d be happy to share screenshots for actual articles with you – along with references and will work with what topic YOU have.

Just look at what a few clients have said:

  • “You are the first person who has written for me that I didn’t have to edit their work – thank you!” – Sadie S.
  • “I sent you a little extra via PayPal because the quality of the posts will save me much time in editing later and the turn around is faster than I expected.” – Alea M.
  • ” This is great, thank you! Send an invoice my way. Want some more to work on? I could get some prepared tomorrow.” – Christi J

Let me help you make money – with 12 years of experience, many published books, and 23 sites myself? I have this figured out.

What do you get?

  • Multiple SEO rich titles to choose from for your article
  • SEO rich content
  • Interlinking ideas for your site
  • Affiliate link ideas
  • An article you simply have to add pictures to so you can publish it after your format it as you see fit.

I know I am not inexpensive – I am experienced.

$300 per article, depending on the topic…but a discount for multiple articles.

Email me today if you are interested in seeing if we are a fit for each other at